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7th July laying the foundations

8th July completing the foundations

9th July - The site

9th July Carrying in the beams

10th July - fitting out the stilts

Edward marking up the base

One of the stilts with stainless steel shoe

Luke fitting the base

10th July - The base installed

17th July - The frame begins to take shape

22nd July - additional work to base

23rd July - additional work to base





Our New Shed

After much deliberation and discussions we finally took the decision to build a new office on a site at the bottom of our garden. Our previous office was too small and derelict and increasingly unsuitable for use, so it desperately needed to be replaced.

The basic concept of our new office is a cruk frame constructed with green oak base and Douglas fir uprights. The site is located on the banks of the river Tyne (the one in Scotland) so the frame is slightly elevated on short stilts, in case of flooding.

We initially discussed the design with a local company Alba Oak Frames, based in Cousland. Our Architect Mike Roper (who conveniently has an office across the road) helped us through the planning process and building warrant stage.

The shed (or garden studio if you prefer) will be clad in Scottish spruce with a galvanized steel roof. The design is all to a high standard of thermal efficiency with a wood burning stove.

Work on the foundations started on 4th July 2014, where Tom and his company mixed and poured 6m3 of concrete over two days. No small feat due to the restricted access. Access to the site is down a narrow lane and through a mixed wooded area over uneven ground. Steve of the Airshed had already dug out the foundations manually. All the materials (including the massive green oak frames) will be carried down manually.   

Work on the frame itself started on Thursday 10th July, to allow the foundations to age. Luke, Duncan Edward (un Francais) from Alba and Robin Wood all helped put the base together (see Day 5).

The uprights on the frame were erected on Thursday 17th July by Luke, Edward and Vlad (from Portugal) all from Alba Oak Frames, assisted by Kenny Waldron, one of the Airshed's noise technicians.

24th July floor joists                  28th July fitting the floor with vapour barrier, boards and insulation

5th  - 7th August - the roof rafters go on     



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